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Be both Lean and Agile, That is Your Challenge.

don’t let anorexia get in your way to be agile and nimble in this hyper-dynamic world of today   don’t be so fat that you can’t move because of bureaucracy and rusted joints in your organization

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If you want to find out whether you have lean manufacturing processes, or using lean manufacturing software effectively, or whether you have found the right balance between your organization's level of Lean and Agility, then assess yourself through the CMI Lean Agility assessment scheme. The assessment will produce the CMI Lean Agility ® Company Mass Index for your organization which will allow you to evaluate your performance against the Lean Agility benchmark and deduce what you can and should be focusing on in order to improve your level of Lean Agility.

The CMI Lean Agility assessment scheme has been developed by prof. Dr. Luc G. Chalmet and is offered through lean manufacturing consultants from CIMES, based in Belgium, and its developing international network of CMI - certified lean manufacturing consultants.

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  "Te dik of the dun? Ook bedrijven hebben er last van" in FORWARD ACTUA
  Forward, the monthly magazine of VBO (employer's organization), published an article on the CMI Lean Agility assessment scheme, in its April 2009 issue.
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  CMI Lean Agility on Supply Chain World in Brussel
  CMI Lean Agility was presented during the PICS stream seminar at the Supply Chain World Exhibition & Seminars in Brussels on 25 March 2009.
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  Gazet van Antwerpen : Een bedrijf moet slank, wendbaar en pezig zijn
  Gazet van Antwerpen publishes an article on lean and agile companies and discusses the CMI Lean Agility assessment scheme of Prof. Chalmet
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  De Bestuurder:
  Monthly management magazine on strategic vision publishes article on CMI Lean Agility Matrix in its February 2009 issue.
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  SECTOR VERSIONS of the CMI Lean Agility assessments
  Gradually, assessment test batteries are becoming availeble for different sectors including, manufacturing engineering, automotive suppliers, chemical, food, software develoment, etc.
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  CMI Lean Agility Registered Trademark
  "CMI Lean Agility" and its logo are now a registered trademark throughout Europe and North-America. The successful completion of the procedure in the USA safeguards the use of the Company Mass Index Lean Agility concept.